Joy and Layla

The past couple of weeks have been hard for me.  I know we all have days/weeks like that.  In the midst of times that are hard I am thankful for my best friend.  Joy and I have been friends since we were teenagers.  We sat together in church, sang, giggled and had too many sleepovers to count.  We also had our share of fighting like siblings…which I credit to the fact that we were like sisters.   It’s funny how  many years later I can still talk to her for hours.  I love seeing how much she loves the Lord and longs to be the wife, mommy and woman He wants her to be.  

I loved this shoot.  I loved that it was an escape from my hard few days.  I loved the fact that Joy let me take her and her kids into a field of prickly plants.  I loved the way the light danced behind Joy and Layla making everything golden.   It felt peaceful!   Thank you Joy for being you!

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