My sickness…

I have this sickness (well right now I have two, but I will share the fun one with you first) I love to collect chairs.  I stop and pick up chairs if I see them on the side of the road and they look crafty to me.   While driving home from my friend Sarah’s house (she shares my sickness) I saw this fun looking chair and I had to pick it up.  Once morning time came, Doug spotted my new find in our backyard and was a little less thrilled with my new baby.  I have about 5 or 6 chairs sitting in the yard waiting to be worked on 🙂  For now I will share this one.  When I picked it up I noticed that it had white paint on the fabric…anyone know how to get paint off of fabric?  Still, I painted the wooden part of the chair white and then distressed it.  



The neighborhood kids played in our yard and when our adopted daughter (okay she is not really our adopted daughter, she just plays at our house all the time) saw me photographing the chair she asked me to take some pix of her.  I put her in a dress I just made for Kimmie and took a few of her on my new chair.  Isn’t she a cutie?


On to my second sickness….I had been coughing for a while and did not take it seriously.  After weeks of coughing I went to the doctors and they said I have bronchitis, gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way.  I had to go back today for them to check and make sure my lungs were clear.  She paused at my bottom left lung for a bit longer than normal and said it sounds like the start of pneumonia.  Yikes!  So now I am on another round of antibiotics and an inhaler.   I am going to do my best to rest and take it easy.   So now I am off to bed!!

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