Believe it or not I have plenty to blog…beautiful sessions…cute moments with my own kiddos…but life gets in the way sometimes.  I struggle to pull it all together.  Then I read something like this!  Here is a bit of my darling friend Sarah’s blog post.  I am so thankful for her post.  The words ring all too true of my life sometimes…

“In other news, I realize that I have absurd Expectations of myself as a Mom, a Wife, a Christian. It’s like I’ve taken all of the really wonderful things I’ve observed in others (usually those observations being from afar, rather than day-to-day living with those people) and decided THAT’s the sum of what I’m “supposed” to be. And I beat myself up when I’m not measuring up.


House-keeping and meals and devotions and attitude and dress and hair and make-up and journaling and schooling and reading and writing and serving and eating and working out and reaching out and joyful and nurturing and patient and gracious and happy and willing and able and up early and slowing down and appreciating beauty and educating and being educated and saving the planet and vacuuming my couch and saving the whales and dusting the mini blinds and singing songs and laundry and laundry and laundry and avoiding BPAs and saving money and potty training and nutrition and teaching ancient history and honing a craft and voting and adopting an orphan and teaching math and reading and writing and shapes and colors and numbers and joyful attitudes and memorizing scripture and running a marathon and cuddling and making my bed and teaching my kids to make their beds and brush their teeth and cleaning the oven and avoiding trans-fats and hydrogenated oils and refined sugars and going on a missions trip and needing a Savior.

Needing a Savior.

Needing a Savior.

Because I just don’t measure up. At all. Pretty much I suck, and it’s okay. It’s not about becoming perfect. It’s about realizing more and more how desperately I need a Savior.


her blog

Thank you Sarah for your words! 

Oh… of course I do have a bit silliness to show you.  What do you do with a kid like this?!


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It’s not easy being a princess!

She is such a little princess these days.  We get stopped everywhere with people telling us how cute she is.  I have to agree…I think she is darling!  But…with all that cuteness I have to say she is one of the craziest little girls I have seen!  She falls down all the time…falling off brick walls she has climbed, tripping over everything.  She even fell this week giving her best friend Sienna a hug and cried that her hand hurt for 30 mins.  Like a good mom I told her she needed to stop her crying…only to find out at the end of the day the doctor would be sending us in for xrays to see if her finger was broken.  Thank goodness it was not broken, only badly sprained! 


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